5 Things To Do NOW For Next Year's EdTech Success!

Is it too soon to start thinking about next school year?  Not when it comes to technology.  A few minutes preparing today can make a huge difference in the quality of your technology initiative next year. 

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Learn about the 5 key areas that can make or break a technology roll-out.  In this on-demand webinar we'll discuss what makes a successful plan.


  •          Is professional development important?
  •          Should I purchase a device for every student? 
  •          Who should be in charge of our plan and implementation?
  •          What models have other successful schools used?
  •          How is Common Core handled with technology?
  •          Is coding a required skill for our students?
  •          Is it time to move away from a computer lab?

In this 30-minute mini webinar we will provide you with key information that will give you the confidence and clarity to move forward with a plan.  This information is also valuable if you are already using technology.  The ideas and methods can help you prepare to be even better.  Fill out the form to watch now.



“Knowing the 5 key technology planning issues and having our planning done early made the difference between success and failure.”

Lori Johnstone, Principal
Dayspring Christian Academy
Greeley, CO




Your presenter, Ernie Delgado, BEYOND Technology Education Co-CEO and Co-Founder, has been in the educational technology arena for over 20 years.