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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: BYOD: Baby Steps for K-12 Schools

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Students and parents support it. Experts predict BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives will take hold in education. However, educators are perceived as dragging their feet when it comes to serious consideration of BYOD.

  • A majority of teachers (52 percent), parents (57 percent) and district administrators (52 percent) are now regularly updating a social networking site (Speak Up)
  • 37 percent of parents wish that their child's teacher or school would communicate with them via text messaging (Speak Up)
  • Teens who own smartphones rose to 37 percent (Pew)

In this brief 45 minute webinar, we will lay the groundwork for learning more about BYOD basics and how to determine if your school is prepared for students provided devices.

  • How is a BYOD program defined?
  • What background information does a school administrator need to have?
  • Are there readily available tools for planning a BYOD initiative?
  • Where can school leaders find examples of policies and procedures for BYOD?

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