teaching Students the fundamentals on How To Start Up A Company

Computer Curriculum  CEO Challenge 1

Up to a 90-Hour Semester Computer and/or Business Course For High School Students and Advanced Middle School Students

Would your students like to develop entrepreneurial skills and learn how to use their computer as a tool to start and run their own business? CEO Challenge is a computer course that will give students the opportunity to apply the tools available in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or iWork and the Internet to build a business and provide them with a foundation in basic business and computing principles to help prepare them for the real business world. Students will develop a fictitious company and take the necessary steps for start-up. The course is divided into 4 units which include:

Unit 1 - Designing and Identifying Fundamental Business Practices          

Unit 2 - Developing Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Unit 3 - Evaluating Investment Opportunities and Financial Concepts

Unit 4 - Implementation of Business Skills

Key skills include:

Word Processing

  • Develop business and marketing plans for their company

  • Apply for credit with a bank

  • Create a bio for company officers

  • Research competitors

  • Use Mail Merge to send thank you letters

  • Desktop Publishing and Graphics

  • Design a company logo and brochure

  • Create letterhead and a portfolio cover

  • Develop print ads

Spreadsheets, Databases and Internet

  • Create a budget for their company

  • Develop charts and graphs

  • Develop a consumer database

  • Learn how to invest in the stock market

  • Conduct proper online research


  • Create a persuasive multi-image slideshow using PowerPoint

  • Create a storyboard and multimedia slides

  • Insert pictures and tables

  • Insert sound and video

  • Prepare and deliver a presentation to the class

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