MARKETING Techniques TO HELP students Take their Business To The Next Level

Computer Curriculum  CEO Marketing 1

CEO Marketing is a one-semester computer course that will challenge students to apply the major areas of technology in marketing a business. It will also give students a foundation in basic advertising principles. This course will be used as the next stage after the CEO Challenge course.
On the first day of class, students will create a fictitious business of their choice. During the semester, students will be using Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, Spreadsheets, the Internet, Graphics and other computer tools to create various advertising and marketing projects for their company.

Some of the major projects they will be creating are: a full-page Magazine Ad; a Billboard Ad; 30 and 60-second Commercials; and a home page for their company’s Website. Creating a budget for their advertising efforts is also part of the class. In addition, students will conduct research to help them decide which advertising media would best fit the needs of their company. CEO Marketing is designed to help students create projects that can be used in the real business world.

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