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Weekly Computer Class

Computer Lab Curriculum  K-8 Students 1

In a computer lab or classroom, modeling a well written and standards-based lesson plan is always important. Modeling integrated technology lessons is useful in helping teachers see what a finished product can look like. The 2nd “C” is “competence”. By modeling a skilled computer teacher using age and grade appropriate technology skills and weaving them into relevant educational themes with projects, teachers learn “on the job” while assisting the computer teacher. We encourage a 15:1 student to teacher ratio in a computer lab environment. As teachers “competence” improves, the teacher can take over the role of computer teacher. Over time, the classroom teacher builds the 3 “C’s” and is able to seamlessly use technology in their instructional day.

Computer Lab Curriculum  K-8 Students 2

BTE Thematic Curriculum

Computer lab teachers are always looking for a way to develop a continuum of computer skills from week to week and grade to grade. Our curriculum is divided into four, nine-week units. Our thematic approach uses fun and topical themes that students, parents and teachers love. BEYOND Technology Education curriculum is written to a scope and sequence of learning objectives for grades K-8 and guided by ISTE standards.  

Each year (over 4 years) the School will receive a new or updated curriculum theme. The curriculum will be based on BEYOND Technology Education scope and sequence of learning objectives.  The curriculum will cover 9 technology areas based on the ISTE NETS-S Standards.  The curriculum themes are:


2014/2015    Goals
2015/2016    Etiquette and Manners
2016/2017    Responsibility
2017/2018    Choices

The BTE "5|3|1" Implementation Schedule

Weeks 1-5      BTE weekly lesson plans for grades K-8

Weeks 6-8      Classroom integration projects developed in part with classroom teachers and BTE Integration Staff and delivered by BTE Staff or school computer teacher

Week 9            Assessment and grading

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Sample Scope and Sequence

Computer Lab Curriculum  K-8 Students 5