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What is BEYOND Technology Education?

BTE is a technology planning, consulting and implementation company working with K-12 public, private and charter schools all around the United States.


How long has BTE been in business?

BTE has been around since 2002 but the founders of BTE have been in the education industry since 1992.


What is SWIMGrid?

SWIMGrid (School-Wide Integration Model) is the organizational method and planning tool BTE uses to help schools create a 3 to 4 year technology plan.  The Grid includes 5 planning areas:

  1. TEACHERS – We assess, train and support teachers through meaningful training and modeling so they can see best practices on technology use for their grade level or subject.
  2. STUDENTS – We evaluate and equip students with the technology skills needed to be better students today and technologically savvy global citizens for tomorrow.
  3. CURRICULUM – We address classroom lesson plans and integrate relevant technology projects that also use the most current presentation tools and web 2.0 methods to improve classroom instruction.
  4. INFRASTRUCTURE - We evaluate a school technology infrastructure and make the necessary additions as the school goes from a simple computer lab environment, to a mobile lab environment to an efficient one-to-one device environment for all or select grade levels.
  5. ASSESSMENT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We help in developing the plan which includes periodic assessment of goals and makes sure the entire project stays on task.

Is BTE some type of software company?

No, but BTE will make software recommendations as part of a 3 to 4 year technology integration plan.


Does BTE support MAC or PC environments?

BTE is “non denominational” when it comes to platforms.  We have experience with PC, MAC, iOS, Chromebooks and several other environments.


How does BTE work with iPad’s?

As part of a 3 to 4 year implementation schedule, BTE will ensure that teachers are properly trained, students are properly prepared and the school’s infrastructure and curriculum are in place to use iPads, or any other tablet device, effectively for improved teaching and learning.


Does BTE only Support iPads?  How about Android devices?

No.  BTE works with either Android or iOS devices.  We also support the use of Chromebooks and MS Surface.


Does BTE sell computers?

BTE can make recommendations for hardware, software, peripherals and networking.  In some cases, as part of a 3 to 4 year technology integration plan, BTE will provide all hardware, software, peripherals and networking in addition to installation, IT support, supplies and on-going maintenance.  At the end of the 3 to 4 year integration plan, all equipment and software belongs to the school and BTE can offer a new plan to address the next 3 to 4 year technology integration phase.


How does BTE help schools?

As many schools contemplate one-to-one environments (one device per student) with laptops or iPads and also prepare for the coming digital textbook wave, schools need advice on how best to plan and prepare their schools. We address 5 critical areas over a 3 to 4 year planning and implementation period using the SWIMGrid model:

  1. We assess, train and support teachers through meaningful training and modeling so they can see best practices on technology use for their grade level or subject.
  2. We evaluate and equip students with the technology skills needed to be better students today and technologically savvy global citizens for tomorrow.
  3. We address classroom lesson plans and integrate relevant technology projects that also use the most current presentation tools and web 2.0 methods to improve classroom instruction.
  4. We evaluate a school technology infrastructure and make the necessary additions as the school goes from a simple computer lab environment, to a mobile lab environment to an efficient one-to-one device environment for all or select grade levels.
  5. We help in developing the plan which includes periodic assessment of goals and makes sure the entire project stays on track.


What is BTE’s role with teachers?

Teachers are the the most important part of a technology integration plan.  Teachers know the student the best and know the curriculum the best.  Although all teachers start at different proficiency levels, bringing them all up to a minimum level where they understand the vocabulary involved and the role of several tools in the classroom, will help get the school to the next level.  This is not a one day in-service for teachers but a 3 to 4 year plan where teachers participate in training, model best practices and receive integrated lessons based on their existing classroom lesson plans.



How does BTE help students?

Research shows that our world is very complex and it is only going to get more complex.  Over the last 20 years, the need to understand technology, complex problem solving and other higher order thinking skills has become increasingly critical for career success.  The world and the job market are getting more and more competitive.  Our role is not only to help students become better learners today but also to prepare them for the fierce job market they will face in the future. Teaching just the standards is no longer enough to prepare our youth for their futures.


Does BTE get involved with curriculum?

Absolutely!  Downloading worksheets off the Internet or playing educational games will not provide your students with the skills they need.  Our approach calls for meeting with teachers by grade level or subject and asking them to tell us the goals and outcomes of their classroom lesson plans.  Our team of instructional designers then spends between 4 and 10 hours per project identifying the appropriate technology skills, website references and other teaching tips. We also share preparation secrets and develop a fully outlined technology integrated version of the teacher’s lesson plan.  We then suggest an expert such as a computer teacher or a technology coordinator demonstrate the lesson for the teacher.  Not only does the classroom teacher see their ”fingerprints” on the lesson but they see first hand the best way to deliver that lesson to their classroom using the technology available.  A true modeling environment.  The goal is to develop several 3 week units for teachers over a 3 to 4 year timeline and model those lessons.


How does BTE address a school’s infrastructure?

Our team first helps a school develop a vision for what they want to look like in 3 to 4 years.  We then make the recommendations for teacher training, student skills, classroom curriculum and all technology infrastructure upgrades to get there.


Does BTE help with technology planning?

Yes.  Using the SWIMGrid model, we put together an easy  to understand 3 to 4 year plan including everything required for the teachers, students, curriculum and technology infrastructure.  We feel a simple plan is a plan that is easily communicated to the schools staff and parents and a simple plan is a plan that will be implemented.



What are the 3 “C’s”?

In order for technology to really make a difference at your school, teachers must possess the 3 C’s;

  • Confidence – comes from training and understanding vocabulary and the basics
  • Competence – comes from modeling and learning best practices and seeing technology impact their students learning
  • Content – comes from evaluating current classroom lessons and creating project based technology units


Where is BTE located?

BTE is based in Chino Hills, CA, USA and has clients in numerous states in the U.S. and is active internationally as well.


Who owns BTE?

BTE  is owned by 2 industry veterans, Ernie Delgado and Rick Harrell.


What should a school expect when working with BTE?

What we have heard from other schools is that we are very flexible, posses a high level of character and are providers of a very effective technology integration model.


How can someone get a hold of a BTE representative? 

You can email us at or call us at 888-283-3213 x720.  Ask for Ernie.


Where can I learn more about BTE?

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