Motortrend Is Off the Mark With Apple Car Prediction

By Ernie Delgado, CEO and Co-founder, BEYOND Technology Education, Inc.

Kim Reynolds and company, I hope you are off the mark on your Apple Car vision.  Your concept looks like the “Crocs” of cars.  Comfortable, practical and butt ugly.  Also, I don’t think your story went far enough.

Imagine the utility and extra use that can come from such a vehicle.  Imagine a school teacher on his or her way to work.  Let the autonomous app kick in and now you can start preparing for your day by viewing homework, communicating with co-workers or students in their own Apple Car.  Maybe this teacher even has a second Apple Car for taking their kids to school while being in communication with them the entire time.  The journey to or from somewhere is now productive time.  Then you get to your destination.  You are where you need to be but now the real work for the Apple Car can start.  

If you step back and complete the loop, the Apple Car is never done. It can be constantly working and generating revenue for the owner. Moving people, supplies, or temperature controlled items.
— Ernie Delgado

Maybe your Apple Car gets thrown into the Uber pool and works for you while you are at your own job.  Your Apple Car picks up and drops off other people and you generate revenue.  Maybe later in the day the Apple Car now goes to the grocery store for you.  Your pre-ordered groceries are waiting at the autonomous Apple Car pick up dock.  A friendly loader says hello to you in the two-way communication video camera so you can make sure your eggs don’t get broken and you can give the loader a virtual tip.  The groceries are placed in the temperature controlled front or back trunk which have been space optimized for loads of this type or larger.  Then the Apple Car can run by your kid’s school and take them to soccer practice.  The “kids” Apple Car can be off generating revenue.  Now the primary Apple Car goes back to your school to pick you up and take you home.  Maybe you even rideshare to generate additional revenue from the Apple Car.  Once home and groceries put away, the Apple Car can go back to work for you.  It’s like your Apple Car has become “Thomas The Train” with a big smile, working all day, talking to other Apple Cars.

If you step back and complete the loop, the Apple Car is never done.  It can be constantly working and generating revenue for the owner.  Moving people, supplies, or temperature controlled items.  The future for the Apple Car is bright.  Oh, and did I mention that the color scheme is completely customizable with help from an app.  Including the “Thomas-like” face.  Like an Apple Watch face but better.

Ernie Delgado, @beyondteched