The Last Mile In Education and We Do The Heavy Lifting

Lesson Plan Integration 1

If integration is so important why have so many schools failed with it?

When asked the question “what do you want to do with technology at your school”, 95% of school principals say in so many words “we want to integrate technology into our classroom curriculum”.

Successful schools around the country have learned that integrating technology into the classroom curriculum is the method that provides the best results for student retention and provides the best achievement results. For this reason schools are scrambling to integrate with mixed results.

For over 20 years, the BTE staff has tackled this problem with outstanding results. What BTE has learned after scoping, researching and writing thousands of technology enriched integrated lesson plans is that to integrate successfully 2 other critical steps must be accomplished first. Of course while equipment, software, connectivity and staffing are important, the other 2 critical areas are of equal or greater importance. BTE has learned to first prepare teachers and prepare students so that integrated lessons can be created and delivered correctly. Everyone must be on the same page with integration before they can be created and delivered successfully. Understanding the concept of the 3 C’s for Teachers Computer Use is important. Vocabulary and complex problem solving are also important.

BTE will ensure that your school’s computer technology will be used in the best way possible to impact student learning. We pledge to make sure that your teachers and students have the background knowledge required to use integrated lessons the best way. We also pledge to make this process as easy as possible for busy teachers.

What we have learned is that educators are unanimous when they say their classroom curriculum needs integration. They are also unanimous that their teachers either lack the skills or the time. Not a problem. That is why we bring this process to a school on a silver platter. BTE does all the heavy lifting. Our model can provide for our Instructional Design Team (IDT) to meet with classroom teachers and learn what they need help with in their classroom. Our IDT member will spend 4 to 10 hours for each individual project. They have the experience and time to do this. We basically supplement your teaching staff and make sure they have a high quality integrated lesson which uses all the tools available at the school and that each teacher is provided with the resources to be successful.

Contact us today to learn how we can impact your curriculum in a tremendous way using the technology at your school.