Webinar Recording: The 5 Key Areas of a Highly Successful K-12 Technology Integration Plan

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The pressure to include technology in the teaching and learning process has never been greater. A simple yet effective plan is more important than ever. But where do you start?

In this brief but powerful 45 minute session, we will share technology planning secrets of other busy K-12 administrators.  Topics include:

  • Are your teachers ready? her busy K-12 administrators. Topics will include:

    1. Is your school infrastructure ready?

    2. Do you have a way to fund the program?

    3. Do you know how you are going to address curriculum integration?

    4. Do you have a plan for a successful 1:1 implementation?

We will describe the current trends justifying the need for technology and we will introduce you to the "SWIM Grid" approach to technology planning which covers the 5 key planning areas.

This could be the most important 45 minutes you spend on-line all year.